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          Ricky never imagined himself being a country music   artist. He had fun while in his younger days singing for small shows his aunt Judy used to help them put together and loved singing with his Walkman to some Garth Brooks or Lionel Richie.

          As Ricky grew up, his grandfather must have noticed something Ricky hadnt yet. He gave him his first guitar and taught him three chords and said go after it! Ricky began to practice and before long was penning his own song. Nashville was his next goal, to at least record the songs he had written.

          Ricky and his father along with the help of business friends Jerry and Mike traveled to Nashville to record his first demo. Once Ricky returned from that trip he knew he had the taste of country music in his mouth and didn’t want to spit it out.  Before long Ricky was performing bars, clubs, and contests all over the south east.

          All this work was soon to pay off when he was offered his very first record deal and to track his freshman album, “King Of This Town.” Gunn says that this album was his life stories and that’s the way country music should be! 

         Gunn isn’t known for shaking his hips on stage but delivering his high energy songs with the voice of soul and a delivery of a freight train. You won’t be dissapointed if you make a show.

“Im here to stay, and will always give it 199%”



Ricky has written with many songwriters from Montana to Tennessee. Learning how to stay true to his style and still remaining the story teller he’s always wanted to be...

Ricky Gunn Show

Get to a show and see why Rickys Music is real and true to his style and make sure you bring a change of clothes, cause you are sure to have a damn good time!

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